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Essentially Different
Our vision, our fundamental values, our passion, our determination, our sense of initiative and our excellent products and services have helped The Victoriaville Group to become one of the largest manufacturers of wood caskets in North America. For four generations and nearly six decades, one idea has inspired us: offering products and services that represent the best quality/price ratio on the market. That's what makes the difference at The Victoriaville Group.

People With Values
Integrity, respect and commitment
Integrity, respect and commitment are the basic values that guide our work every day. They can be found at the heart of all our actions, from design and fabrication to customer service and marketing.

We make it our duty to know the latest market trends in order to offer our clients products that are always adapted to changing needs. We work closely with our suppliers and various other groups in order to offer products that are superior in quality and environmentally friendly.

These fundamental values allow funeral homes to rely on a solid business partner and grieving families to count on a product they can trust.

Because of our remarkable expertise and the fundamental values that are so deeply entrenched in our corporate culture, The Victoriaville Group has become known as a leader in the funeral services sector.

A question of know-how and passion
Thanks to the passion that drives all our actions, we have developed a body of knowledge that with time has inspired a know-how business culture that every member of our team respects. This know-how is transferred from generation to generation and is constantly improved.

Since its founding, Victoriaville Group has never lacked for vision. Always on the lookout for the latest trend, we have developed products and acquired companies that help us use our skills in innovation to the maximum of our ability. The result is a range of products adapted to the changing needs of funeral homes and of families. In addition, Victoriaville Group has built on this tradition of excellence by forming strategic alliances with various partners in order to make our offering of products and services even more complete.

Determination and leadership
The Victoriaville Group is recognized as a reference in leadership. The Group employs hundreds of workers experienced in the design, production, and marketing of funeral and memorialization products. Our production and assembly centers, located in Ontario and Quebec, are filled with modern equipment that uses the latest technology to respond rapidly and efficiently to the changing needs of the industry.

In terms of determination, one incident in particular serves to demonstrate resolve: a major fire in 1997 severely damaged the Vic Royal plant. Barely 48 hours after this tragic event, both employees and management came together to get a temporary factory up and running at nearly full capacity.

Tradition and confidence
Funeral arrangements are a matter of tradition. The grieving family normally relies on a funeral home they trust to take care of all the details with the appropriate grace and dignity. It's a question of confidence. As a family-owned business, The Victoriaville Group subscribes to this tradition. The relations we have built with our clients are extremely important to us, which is why we have based them on the solid foundation of tradition and confidence.

No matter what range of products you choose, from high-end hand-made caskets to more modest models, you will always get the same Victoriaville quality in design, construction, finish, and service.

Quality is a point of honor shared by everyone at The Victoriaville Group. While we use the latest technology and production management techniques, we have kept alive that old-fashioned love of craft and of a job well-done. The goal of quality is what drives us to consider each individual casket as a unique work of art, no matter what series it comes from.

All Victoriaville products are backed by our commitment to world-class product availability and superior service. 

The classic design of our funeral products comes from a combination of several elements exclusive to The Victoriaville Group, such as a choice from 11 different hardwoods species and a superior-quality finish carried out with the greatest of care.

The elegance and perfection of our signature products is a result of graceful design combined with innovative, patented precision-assembly techniques.

It comes as no surprise that funeral directors across Canada choose Victoriaville products more than any other products when it comes time to bury a member of their own family.

The Victoriaville Group is able to maintain the best quality/price ratio in the industry for our products and services thanks to the high efficiency of our operations at every level, from initial order to final delivery.

Efficiency also means the best business practices on which our SAP information technology system is based, as well as the philosophy of constant improvement which both management and employees believe in.

Thanks to our integrated manufacturing and distribution centers, and to the rationalization of our product lines, we have established efficiency standards that are unequaled in the industry.

The Victoriaville Group is the logical choice when it comes to a reliable business partner on whom you can count at all times.

The Victoriaville catalogue features more than a hundred caskets in wood and wood-veneer, metal and fabric-covered. Wood caskets are offered in any of 11 hardwoods; this Victoriaville exclusive is the largest palette of choices available on the market.

Whether it's a completely hand-made casket from the Prestige series, a more modest casket, or a special-function product, you will find what you need to pay your last respects to your dearly departed.

The variety offered by Victoriaville is designed to respond to the needs of families as well as the requirements of the latest trends in funeral services.

Innovation and training
Innovation has been an integral part of The Victoriaville Group for 60 years. Since the very beginnings of the company, we have been convinced that customer satisfaction is the best way to ensure the future of the Group. That's why we continuously invest in research and development and encourage continued training for our employees.

Thanks to a series of major investments, our factories, distribution and assembly centers are filled with equipment at the leading edge of technology, which allows us to create products of unrivalled quality and to adapt rapidly to emerging trends in order to respond to the needs of our clients. In addition, our manufacturing processes are ISO-compliant, which ensures a high level of consistency in quality.

We aim for perfection and excellence in our products as well as in the numerous services we offer to industry professionals. We want to make it easier for funeral directors to give good advice to grieving families in their time of need.

In Central and Eastern Canada, our six regional distribution centers serve our clients and ensure continuous availability of our products. We make deliveries daily in metropolitan markets like Toronto or Montreal, several times a week in regional centers like Ottawa, Windsor, or Halifax, and weekly in towns and municipalities.

In Western Canada, distribution is handled by the Imperial Group, a large network of associated distributors that guarantees delivery of our products.

In order to respond adequately to the growing needs of the funeral services sector in the United States, we rely on world-class partners. Our products are available from more than 100 distribution centers throughout North America, supplying the grand majority of funeral homes.

Our products are currently sold in more than ten countries, and additional international markets are soon to be developed.

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