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The raison d'être of the Victoriaville Group is in providing to its diverse North American and international clientele, memorialization products that best suit their needs and desires.

Within this business scope, the Victoriaville Group expressly concentrates its efforts on the fabrication of complete lines of wooden caskets, containers and urns and on the distribution of products which are of unique significance to families wishing to pay proper tribute to their departed loved ones.


While building on solid values of Respect, Integrity and Responsibility, the Victoriaville Group remains, thanks to its flexibility, innovative capacity, and constant adaptation to evolving trends within the world of memorialization, the Canadian leader in the fabrication and distribution of products and services renowned for their price/value ratio.

Beginning with the person responsible for receiving the raw materials right down to final delivery of our manufactured goods to market, the passion with which our representatives apply themselves to assume the responsibilities that are entrusted to them allows the organization to remain in control of its destiny and maintain its leading position.

Proudly renowned for the quality of its management, the Victoriaville Group also sets itself apart by its marked sense of customer service, its sustained commitment towards the quality of life of its personnel in the workplace, the attention it gives to sustainable development, and its contribution to the socio-economic backgrounds within which it evolves.

Wood is our Passion ...

Nothing compares to the rich, warm glow of well-crafted hardwood. From the elegance of solid hardwood to the simplicity of hardwood veneer, the Victoriaville assortment shows a variety of woods and finishes that cater to all tastes. A natural, environmentally sound choice for caskets, hardwood is strong, beautiful and leaves a legacy for the next generation because wood is a renewable natural resource.

Each hardwood casket is a one-of-a-kind remembrance. As a hardwood tree matures, it develops its own unique texture and grain pattern. Through colour variations, knots, and markings of absorbed minerals and other elements, each piece of hardwood tells its own history to reflect the beauty of a life well lived.

Since 1948, like all fine furniture makers, Canadian artisans at Victoriaville's manufacturing facilities have skillfully transformed premium-grade raw timber into magnificent works of art.

With effective forest management ensuring sufficient availability for future generations while respecting environmental eco-systems, we truly believe hardwood is still the best material for crafting caskets. It is, by the way, mankind's oldest renewable building material.

Eco-effective by design ... naturally.

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