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EMBALMING - The Purpose of Embalming

Embalming disinfects, temporarily preserves and restores, to an acceptable physical appearance, a dead human body. As human remains begin to decompose almost immediately after death, thereby offering an ideal environment for microbial growth, untreated remains pose a public health concern.

While embalming sanitizes the body, it also retards decomposition, thereby temporarily preserving the body. In view of North America's highly mobile society, embalming permits friends and family to travel great distances, often several days after a death, to attend the funeral ceremony and allows the body to be buried at some place other than where death occurred.

Additionally, embalming restores the body to an acceptable physical appearance for viewing following a traumatic death or devastating illness. Many bereavement experts agree that viewing the deceased confirms the reality of death and helps survivors take an important step toward recovering from their loss.

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