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October 09th 2009

Environmental Record

‘'Over the past few years, we have succeeded in greening our business significantly by revamping our manufacturing methods, our management practices and our day-to-day decisions to ensure that our business is in full compliance with strict environmental standards'' said Alain Dumont, president of the Victoriaville Group, ‘'and today's announcement is in keeping with that goal,''added Sylvain Hebert Vice-President Finance of the Group.

The Victoriaville Group is proud to present more measures it has implemented in order to greatly reduce its carbon footprint:

  • Both executives are showing the way by acquiring low emission vehicles (see picture),
  • Emissions in our truck fleet have been reduced significantly by different strategies:
    • We are continually reviewing our routing by using a UPS logistics system
    • All our new vehicles are equipped with latest components for lower fuel usage and emissions
    • Our fleet is renewed on a five year cycle with maintenance fees included
    • These new features coupled with "Speed Limit Controls" are dramatically diminishing our impact on the environment
  • We are in the final stage of receiving our certification for our Recycling Program involving all our operations and employees in Victoriaville.

‘'For the past few years, we have been manufacturing all of our products in a manner that will reduce our environmental footprint. Through our commitment to meeting strict environmental standards, we are taking action now to protect our future,'' reiterated Sylvain Hebert.

Two Executives showing the way:

Alain Dumont, president of the Victoriaville Group proudly photographed beside his new Lexus RX 450 h Hybrid and Sylvain Hebert,
VP Finances of the Company standing beside his new Jetta TDI Diesel.

... and it's only the beginning. We are committed to continued innovation and offering ecologically sound products and services, while also improving our environmental record.

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