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July 09th 2010
New Certification

For the past few years, we have been manufacturing all of our products in a manner that will reduce our environmental footprint.

As a complement to our NEW LEAF Collection, we are proud to announce that we are the first and only Canadian Funeral Product Provider to be certified by the Green Burial Council.

Green burial has come to be understood as end-of-life rituals, disposition options, and products that do not involve the use of toxic chemicals or non-biodegradable materials. In other words, it's burial that does not involve embalming with hazardous chemicals, metal caskets, and concrete burial vaults.

More recently, we also received the highest distinction of the Québec Recognition Program ICI ON RECYCLE.

RECYC-QUÉBEC is the Québec government agency responsible for promoting, developing and fostering the reduction, reuse and recycling of containers, packaging, materials or products with a view to resource conservation. As part of that mission, RECYC-QUÉBEC provides the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) sector with flexible, innovative mechanisms to promote responsible management of residual materials with a view to sustainable development. Building on the actions proposed in the Québec Residual Materials Management Policy 1998-2008, RECYC-QUÉBEC introduced the ICI ON RECYCLE! Program to recognize ICI establishments that want to manage their waste material responsibly to help protect the environment. Through the ICI ON RECYCLE! Program, the Québec government gives establishments official recognition, a toolkit and visibility for each level of participation.

Through our commitment to meeting strict environmental standards, we are taking action now to protect our future.

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