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July 09th 2014
Moncton Tragedy

It was extremely sad.

VICTORIAVILLE.  The Mayor Alain Rayes was at a loss for words when describing the atmosphere at the regimental funeral service held for  the three RCMP officers killed on the 4th of June, Dave Ross, originally from Victoriaville being one of them.  ‘’It was extremely sad’’ said the Mayor remembering the packed Colliseum, the heavy silence, at times interrupted by the  hushed whines of Danny, the German Shepherd, canine partner to Dave Ross, the only dog permitted within the establishment.

Alain Rayes, Martin Leblond as well as Charles Verville represented the City of Victoriaville at the funeral service held for Agents Ross, Larche and Gevaudan.

Mr. Rayes felt that he owed it to himself to travel to Moncton in order to offer to the Ross family all the outpoor of messages of sympathy from the population. ’’We received tons of messages and since not everybody can go to Moncton I felt it was my responsibility to transmit those messages personally to the family’’.

Victoriaville will compile all the received messages into two albums and give them to Dave Ross’ mother, Hélène Rousseau and his father, Yvon Ross.

Mr. Rayes met the Ross family as well as his widow, Rachael, and their 19 month old son who was dressed up as a little RCMP officer.  Pregnant, the young widow appeared to still be in shock and this even after the RCMP have offered her their daily support said the mayor.

Three private halls were set up for each of the families to receive condolences. It was within this setting that Mr. Rayes presented the young widow with the Victoriaville city flag.

The long entrance of each of the three caskets  had been understandably painful and sad, but none as much as the moment when each of the widows had been presented with their late husband’s hat and Canadian flag, noted Mr. Rayes. ’’Some comfort must have come to the families knowing that a crowd of the nearly 10,000 mourners had joined together on this day, 80-90% being officers of the law, even some from other countries’’.

Canada’s Prime Minister was present along with ministers from other provinces and some party leaders. Victoriaville had a presence in this ceremony, the three caskets which carried the fallen officers were fabricated by Victoriaville Funeral Supplies, the Dominion model which is the same one used to retrieve the Unknown Soldier from Europe back in May of 2000.

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