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September 26th 2017
J & R Mfg. joined forces by merging its operations with The Victoriaville Group

We are proud to announce J&R Mfg., one of the leading funeral products provider serving New York City and its metropolitan area since 1923, has joined forces by merging its operations with The Victoriaville Group. J&R Mfg. is the only privately-owned company located in New York City.

In the process, we are delighted to announce the nomination of Joseph Redmond as Sales and Customer Service Manager. Joe has been a pillar of J&R's logistics department for the last few months and his thirty-five (35) years of management experience in the Death Care Industry will provide the leadership needed to achieve our development plans.

The Victoriaville Group has had the privilege of being J&R's main hardwood caskets supplier since 2005 and this merger will provide a constant supply of quality, innovative and personalized products to our loyal customers.

Jerry Chianella will continue his consulting role with Joe Redmond and Susan. Susan, Jerry's sister- in-law, will continue her position as Controller. Tina Marie, Jerry's daughter, will continue her role as Customer Service Agent. Both Susan and Joe will support Tina Marie.

With the ever-changing face of funeral service, both organizations will focus on providing outstanding customer service and bring many different types of products and solutions for you, our valued customers. The unified team will do more than either team could have accomplished alone.

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