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Bird's eye Maple


Bird's eye Maple
Its sapwood is white, but can also range from beige to pale brown. Its remarkable flexibility and hardness provide a beautiful polished finish. This straight-lined, dense wood has a medium texture. Its tight grain features wavy lines and irregularities that create eye-like markings, hence the name ''Birdseye Maple.''

Birdseye maple is one of Nature's great mysteries. The small eye-like formations in the wood are actually a defect in the natural growth pattern of the maple. The cause of this deformation of birdseye maple, which is found mostly in harsh growing climates, is unknown.

Probably due to the rarity of the wood, Victoriaville is the only manufacturer to use birdseye maple for its caskets. Every birdseye maple casket from Victoriaville is one of a kind, featuring a lustrous, hand-rubbed finish and color treatments that bring out the beauty of the wood's natural fibers and characteristic birdseye markings.

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