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Maple - Solid Hardwood


Maple - Solid Hardwood
Maple has an ivory-colored sapwood with a hint of reddish brown and a brownish-gray heartwood. Its grain is tight and uniform.

Strong, durable, and perfect for the very best finishes, maple is highly valued for floorcoverings, woodworking, interior wood trim, veneers, and furniture and casket manufacturing.

Canada's national flag has featured the maple leaf since 1965 and is Canada's most visible symbol at home and around the world.

Of the 150 known species of maple, ten grow in Canada, and at least one grows naturally in each Canadian province.

Since 1996, maple has been the official tree of Canada. That is one of the reasons the Canadian government choose the ''Dominion'' solid Silver Maple casket by Victoriaville to bring home the Unknown Soldier in May 2000.

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