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Native to North America, hickory is a member of the walnut family composed of 16 species split between the true hickories and the pecans.

True hickory is the hardest, heaviest and strongest American wood in common use, known for dramatic grain patterns and color variation. Hickory also exhibits random specks, burls and mineral streaks, providing striking color and interesting texture to your kitchen cabinets, furniture and caskets. Color ranges widely, from nearly white to dark brown.

Pecan is one of the better-known pecan hickories. It is also called sweet pecan. Pecans are an excellent multipurpose tree for home landscaping, providing a source of nuts, furniture-grade wood, and aesthetic value. The pecan became the Texas state tree by act of the Texas Legislature in 1919.

Pecan hickories usually have more and narrower leaves and are generally shorter lived than the true hickories.

Hickory wood tends to be strong and resilient and is often used to flavour meat in smoking or barbecuing.

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