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Please note than unless otherwise indicated, all Victoriaville urns respect the minimum volume requirements of 200 cubic inches established by the CANA.

For many different reasons, a growing number of North American families are opting for cremation. To adequately serve funeral service professionals and help them respond these new challenges, the Victoriaville Group offers one of the finest Collection of tastefully designed cremation urns.

Proud to manufacture the biggest line of hardwood caskets and determined to undertake new challenges, the Victoriaville Group was the first in Canada to manufacture hardwood urns. In addition to the acquisition of Danyco, the Victoriaville Group built alliances with other manufacturers to offer a full range of urns and related cremation products.

We also offer urns for children and double urns to place the ashes of two people.

Hardwood Urns
Lathe-turned and hollowed from a single block of mahogany, or assembled from solid wood components, our hardwood urns are handmade by trained craftsmen and honed to a glossy or satin finish. A wide variety of woods, finishes, and designs allows Victoriaville to produce urns that are sure to satisfy the wishes of any family that chooses this option.

Marble and Granite Urns
These two varieties of stone are naturally veined with beautiful colours. Created over the centuries by nature itself, these stones are transformed by Victoriaville's gifted artisans, who highlight the subtle nuances of texture and shine that make these materials so special. Marble and granite urns, offered in many styles, symbolise beauty and eternity.

Ceramic Urns
The art of sculpting clay has been with us since the dawn of time. Produced by expert hands, Victoriaville ceramic urns are moulded from clay and then kiln-baked at very high temperature.

Decorations are hand painted, and the urns are then coated with copper-oxide chrome-based finish, for the final touch that will stand the test of time. Pearlescent finish urns baked three times to achieve the effect of transparency for which they are known, a symbol of natural purity.

Limoges Porcelain Urns
This world-famous porcelain was originally developed in the French city of Limoges in the 18th century. Fine, dense porcelain clay is glazed with kaolin for a brilliant, even transparent finish that is so hard even steel won't scratch it. The elegant white of these porcelain urns is set off with touches of royal blue and gold for a refined appearance.

Metal Urns
The use of metal in all its forms has helped mankind to grow in its constant quest for improvement from prehistoric times to the modern day. The variety, durability, and malleability of metal (steel, iron, zinc, brass, aluminum, and more) allows us to offer a wide range of urns that can take any form and meet any budget.

The imagination of the painter and sculptor of metal urns knows no bounds when it comes to creating metal urns from the most simple to the most fantastic.

Clay Urns
Fire-clay has been found in our soils for centuries. As a material utilized in the creation of urns, it has proven to withstand well the test of time, preserving past sacred treasures.

The process of making clay pottery or objects has changed little over the centuries. The cast object is baked at high temperatures over a period to achieve the desired hardness. Exterior coatings of copper-oxide and chrome based finishes are applied by hand along with the detailing of the artistic design to complete the art work. Re-firing in the kiln is often required upon each subsequent coating to obtain a " mother-of-pearl " transparency.

Keepsakes are smaller urns that hold a small portion of the cremated remains. The concept behind the keepsake urn is to allow each family member to have a small amount of the cremated remains with the appropriate container to create a personal memorial to the deceased person.

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