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Alain Dumont

Word from the president

Tribute to a lifetime

It takes a whole life to become the person one is at the moment of death. When a loved one passes away, friends and family naturally want to honour that life with a fitting tribute. The funeral is the final measure of the esteem we hold for our dearly departed. As a manufacturer of funeral products, we are well aware of the importance of our work and the closure it represents for grieving families.

For nearly six decades, every step in the design, manufacture, and finishing of our products has been taken with the utmost care. We know that each unit we produce is destined for a person with a unique life story and a unique set of memories that they leave behind. As we work on each individual casket, we are conscious of the need to respect the emotional impact it will eventually have.

Our culture of know-how, respect, quality, and integrity reminds us every day that our business is creating a tribute to a lifetime.

Alain Dumont FCMA, CA

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